Here in Remote Kenya

 Dearest Friends,

Greetings from remote Western Kenya! This has been an incredible, insightful trip on so many levels. We've seen miraculous transformation among orphans and widows, and a vibrant church come to life, in a community devastated by genocide. It was really important we come lay eyes on what God is doing and better understand what's happening for the Kingdom through your love, mercy and compassion.

With our son, Jacob, in W. Kenya. He's seventeen and a     senior in high school. We found him six years ago, living alone. Both parents had previously passed away and he had just buried his little sister, Victoria. He tells people, "I'm not an orphan. I'm not an orphan. I have a family!"




If we have one wish, it would be to somehow convey to you how your generosity is making an incredible difference. Words and even pictures cannot describe what God is doing through you. Honestly, we don't even know how to begin to share this with you. 

We have more than 200+ orphans and children of single parents in our care here in SW Kenya. Our first trip was six years ago and we were -- and are! -- the first and only white people to ever spend the night here. It's very remote with no electricity and no running water. 

This community in Makonge, not on most maps, was devastated by the post-election genocide of 2007-08. The political parties pitted tribes against one another and the result was that almost 100% of the young and middle aged men were killed. 

There were very few Christians here at the time of our first visit. Six years later, we have a church filled with over 300. At Father J Academy nursery school we started with 19 students and are over 106 now; primarily orphans and children of widows. We now have 11 students in very nice secondary boarding schools. This is an absolute miracle for them. 

And to top it off, this tribe -- the Kuria -- went out and planted a school and Christian community among the Maasai, the ones who killed them. We had an incredible reception from the Maasai where 27 children are in Fr J Academy Enkorika and we have many new Maasai followers of Jesus. 

This is how we determine success: lasting fruit. And the vision for this community, rising up at out the ashes of genocide, is mind boggling. The Kingdom has come upon the very least and it's breathtaking. 



Pictured above is one our FJA kiddos. We'll send more details and a report on the overall situation here later if you are interested. 



People are still thanking us profusely for "Christmas" here. Together we provided relief, food, clothes and presents for more than 12,000 souls -- widows and orphans here in E. Africa and refugees in N. Iraq. This expression of love made a powerful impact and an impression among those losing hope.

Financially we're a little tight at the moment so prayers appreciated. We go forward! Africa trip logistically and financially demanding. Our standard operating procedure is to put ourselves in a position where if Jesus doesn't absolutely show up, we're going to look very very dumb. And we're there!  

Health-wise we are well. JK seems to have recovered from his never ending chest infection and his diabetes is completely under control! "Buck" needs prayer for a rugby injury to his hand/back and "Duck" needs prayers for hives; otherwise they are doing great.

We return to the U.S. on March 23 and then we make the big move to Iraq on 3 April. JK goes first and then SK lands on the 12th. 

Thank you for loving the least in Jesus' Name. 

Know of our prayers. We love you,



Widow with daughter ... and homeowner! The widows are given $400 USD to build a two room mud brick home with a metal roof. Each must raise an additional hundred dollars worth of materials or donated labour. The entire community is then mobilised to help, including past and future recipients. In this way they have a true sense of ownership and the entire community is involved in helping their own. This is part of a Youth With a Mission program called "Hand Prints." L4L has helped with many of these vulnerable widows.



Our Maasai Marching Band at Father Jerry Academy Enkorika, Kenya