Moving to Iraq, Trafficked Maasai Girls

The orphan is not a cause. The orphan is not an issue. The orphan has a human face, and that face is Galilean. Jesus tells us that when we see the poor, the weak, the vulnerable, the tossed aside, we see Him there. -- Russell D. Moore

Dearest Friends and L4L Team,

"A Hope and a Future." This has been the theme of our E Africa tour now coming to an end. In areas decimated by genocide, leaving widows and orphans utterly destitute, children are going to good schools. In the midst of grinding poverty, the widows are building houses and working on ways to generate income for their families. 

The widows no longer have to sell their bodies to feed their children. The orphans at Fr. Jerry Academy -- boys AND girls -- who once had no future -- shout, "I want to be a doctor!" "A lawyer!" "A nurse!" "A pilot!" The Kingdom has come upon them.

On Tuesday the Maasai X started school. These little girls (ages 4 -11) who were taken from their families and sold to men for sex now have a safe, loving home and an opportunity to learn and dream. They will receive counseling as well. God is good. The Kingdom has come upon them. 

We make the big move to Iraq in a couple of weeks. We are heartened to know you are coming with us in your love, prayers, support and encouragement. The Kingdom is here and coming! May God bless you for blessing and loving the least in Jesus' Name.

  Jerry& Stacy 

Widow with daughter in Butere, Kenya: HOMEOWNER!

Here are the Maasai X singing a worship song in the Samaritan Village chapel. Our Lady of Mercy (Lutheran) School has accepted the girls and is working with us to cover fees. We've stepped out in faith and covered the initial costs along with buying them all shoes, new uniforms, and books.

If you're interested in sponsoring one of the girls, write us at

Check out this video!

Iraq Relief Continues!

Christian refugee in N. Iraq served by our friends and partners there

Our great local partners in N. Iraq continue to reach out with relief and compassion among the refugees from ISIS. While ISIS' days are numbered in Iraq, however, it will be a long road to recovery. Victims there -- 2,000,000+ -- still need the basics, food and shelter. Progress is being made, for example, schools for the children are up and running! The big need now is job creation. And, we are in the midst of the greatest move of God on the hearts of the people in the history of the Islamic World. Muslims and Yezidi are meeting and falling in love with Jesus. We're eager to be there full time!

You can check out our partners in N. Iraq here at their Facebook page Lots of great pics!  You are always welcome to support Zalal directly. Our goal is ALWAYS local empowerment with no middle and getting out of the way!



Calendar & Prayers!!!

Our updated calendar is here at the website:

Current Prayer Needs:

  • Sponsors for the Maasai X and for them to assimilate well in school.
  • One-way airfare to Iraq x2 🙂
  • Move-in expenses and logistics and a good rental car in N. Iraq. Rent is covered!
  • For Duck as she prepares to go to YWAM Discipleship Training School and Buck to push through senioritis and finish strong.
  • Peace, calm and focus as we make a big transition.
  • A great final two Sundays in Allen, TX, and Savannah, GA, with with dear amazing friends! 
  • Pray for Stacy as she encourages women at two retreats, St. Paul's Lutheran, New Braunfels, and Christ Church, Savannah. 

That God would bless all our intercessors, supporters and church partners for blessing the least in the Name of Jesus. 

Father Jerry Academy #2, Maasai Marching Band

Father Jerry Academy #2, Maasai Marching Band, Enkorica (High Place), Kenya

A community devastated by genocide and grinding poverty WENT -- on their own, with their little resources --  and planted a faith community and school among the Tribe who killed them. Jesus makes ALL the difference. He is the ONLY answer. He is why we do what we do. 



Jesus made clear that the Kingdom of God is organic and not organizational. It grows like a seed and it works like leaven; secretly, invisibly, suprisingly and irresistibly. -- Oz Guiness